Car loan for private parties with bad credit

Private bad credit car loans are offered to borrowers who have purchased cars using private sources. These resources can be anyone: a friend, a colleague, a family member or another acquaintance. The lenders that provide this type of loan evaluate the financial stability of the borrower in order to pay the loan on time. The other criteria for using this type of loan are usually the same as for other car loans.

car loan for students

Students now have a status to maintain. Therefore, several financial institutions are now offering student car loans to students to make financing a car a breeze. But often, qualifying for this deal becomes more difficult than passing high school exams. If the student already has bad credit, credit unions or banks may not be willing to approve the deal.

Also, the need for a co-signer is very important before obtaining the required approvals. Since a student would have a failing grade or no grade at all, a co-signer is required to ensure any late payment is borne by them. Like all other offers, before taking advantage of loan, students should research discounts, quotes, contracts, and paperwork. Last but not least, if the student already has bad credit, they should do everything they can to reduce the unsecured credit card debt to make it easier in the long run.

margin money loan

This is one of the most popular car loans in India. The reason for this is that it offers the lowest possible EMI. With this type of loan, the dealers who sell your cars will offer you financing if you are willing to pay a cash margin of about 10% of the total amount of the loan.
surety loan
This type of loan means that you have to deposit a deposit with the bank to be able to use the loan. The deposit will accrue interest, but it will most likely be less than the interest charged to you as an EMI. After repayment of the loan, you will receive the deposit back.


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